Monday, April 22, 2013

Ocala Star Banner Interview

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@Work: Melissa Galloway

Owner of MG Events

Published: Monday, April 22, 2013 at 4:36 p.m.
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Title: Owner of MG Events
Phone: 352-233-8759

How she got into the business: “I was a pre-med major, but woke up one day and it was like a light switch that went off. It was scary and I wondered, ‘What will I do?’ So I changed my major to psychology. After school, I had my twins; now they are 15 months old. I started in January, but have been doing events for friends and family for three years. I always liked doing special things for family birthdays and it just kind of snowballed into baby showers for friends.”
What she does: “I do the pretty stuff, like the decor and the centerpieces. For the Cattle Baron’s Ball I just decorated, but for past events I did plan (the event) and decorate. No event is the same, so whatever a client needs I will provide the service for them. I meet with clients to come up with ideas, themes, depending on the wedding, baby shower or birthday. I also do bridal showers, religious celebrations, rehearsals — any event.”

What sets her apart: “I have a blog. I use Pinterest and I follow (other) blogs and see things that are inspirational. I always have ideas ready so when I have an opportunity to try it with a client I can present them with options. I’m an open canvas — some people don’t know what they want and come to me and I can help them, or some people do know what they want but don’t know how to start.”

How she came to Ocala: “I was born and raised in South Africa and grew up bilingual. My mom was a pharmacist and got recruited to work in Ocala when I was 14. I didn’t really have (culture shock), but I grew up in a small private school and had the same friends since kindergarten, then transferred into a school with so many people. I stayed (in Ocala) because it was such a big move that I didn’t want to relive the experience and relearn everything — I’m happy here.”

Best part about the job: “No event is the same as the last one and there is a new challenge in every event. I enjoy the chaotic stress, especially when it is crunch time. Some people play sports; this is my outlet. I’m crafty and I was always doing projects at home before I had the kids, like scrapbooking and making cards, so now it is just on a grander scale. I pick the projects that appeal to me and invest my time to make it a priority, although my kids are still my first priority.”

How she works: “In this industry you don’t have to have a storefront. A lot of (the work) is computer work so it’s convenient to work at home. A lot of the ideas I show clients are in the computer or I am running around meeting outside vendors. I work with two caterers I would recommend because I trust them. I work with certain photographers because I know their work and I work with one florist — this industry is all about building relationships.”

What people don’t know: “It’s affordable and can be for anyone’s budget. There are misconceptions that (someone) can’t afford to have a planner for an event or wedding. My party packages start at $150 and weddings start at $1,500. Anything from selecting invitations to whole event planning — from just one item to a complete project.”

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I love this article!!! I am so proud of you for giving this your all and doing so well with it!