Saturday, April 6, 2013

MG Events: Frame within a Frame Tutorial

For this project, I was really focusing on creating something fabulous for a low dollar.
Sometimes it takes more creativity to come up with a low budget idea than doing the actual project itself!

I headed down to my favorite craft store, Hobby Lobby, where the 40% off coupon is my best friend!

I bought a duo canvas package for roughly $7.00

I scouted around, but couldn't find super affordable frames that would work for a makeover so I headed to our local Goodwill...Low and behold, these two outdated, ugly, inexpensive frames were my only option.

The best thing about making something over is that you don't look at their current color or condition; you look at the shape. You can always change color but you can't necessarily always change shape.
The frames were roughly $3.00 total.

I bought some fun acrylic paints and about a yard or so of burlap.
I made sure that I had some really good glue and I couldn't resist throwing in some thick, bright ribbon!

Step 1: 
Paint your entire canvas with a honey oat acrylic. Set your canvas aside to dry completely.

Step 2:
Get your frame ready. Make sure that it's clean and dry.
Pay attention to its shape... does it have special grooves and contour?


Step 3:
Prep your work area.
Paint a base color over your entire frame. Make sure that you get a good base coat. Let your frame dry completely.

Step 4:
Think about your accent color. This is the color that you want to show through all the layers of paint.
I wanted to have a worn, roughly sanded down look.
*** This step is important*** 
I high lighted the areas of my frame where I wanted the accent color to show with VASELINE.
If you look closely at the picture below, you will see goopy bumps all over the frame.... that's the Vaseline.

Step 5:
Paint your second layer of paint over the your entire frame and over the Vaseline.
Once your paint has dried, wipe off the goopy Vaseline layers.... your accent layer should now be visible.

Step 6:
Keep repeating your Vaseline and paint layers until you get your desired look.

Step 7:
Next, paint your glue all over your canvas and lay your burlap over your canvas.
Pull the burlap tight by evenly tugging on each side.
Wait for the canvas to dry completely.

Step 8:
Wrap the corners on your canvas with the burlap as if you were wrapping a present.
Make sure to use an adequate amount of glue to keep the corners down.

Step 9:
Measure your thick ribbon and glue it into the back side of your canvas. Make sure that both ends are even so that your art work isn't going to be hanging lopsided

Step 10: 
Add your artwork to your painted frame. 
Glue your dried frame onto your burlap canvas. 
Hang your fabulous new piece where everyone can see your "hand-i-work!"

Click on this link to see the completed project.

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