Friday, October 18, 2013

Racing to 40 with style! Genteleman's 40th Race Car Birthday!

It's easy to think "NASCAR" when you say "racing." However, my client was interested in celebrating her husband's hobby of street racing and incorporating his blue, converted BMW race car at the clubhouse pool where they live. NASCAR was out of the question.

Being at a clubhouse, the pool is a lot larger than one you would find in your back yard. We also had to be considerate of all the neighborhood residence that were going to make use of the pool during the day, so I had to work with one side of the pool area and leave the other side open to neighborhood pool guests.

I was able to tie the whole racing theme together and unify the large space with two 100 foot long racing pennant banners that I purchased from Oriental Trading. I suspended the two banners diagonally across the pool with some metal polls in buckets, which "downsized" the pool area, tied in the other half of the pool area that was open to the residence and tied in the area that our party guests enjoyed!

Aside from the people at the junk yard laughing at me, pulling hubs caps in my high heels, in between bridal appointments, this party was everything I hoped that it would turn out to be!

I used number 10 sized food cans for centerpieces that I collected for the 12th Annual Cattle Barons' Ball for the American Cancer Society.   My inspiration came from seeing vintage oil cans in one of my favorite antique stores. I knew that I could easily re-create the overly priced ($30+) and too small of a size oil can. The bold color templates added just enough "pop" against the classic black and white checkered racing pattern.

The appetizer and buffet tabletops were supported with tires and accented with blue BMW décor.

Pennant Banners from Oriental Trading.  

Overview of some of the guest tables.

Bar Area. Rental items from Party Time Rentals in Ocala, FL.

Opposite side of the pool, where party guests enjoyed delicious food from The Mojo Grill and Catering Co.

Happy Birthday to the guest of honor! Cake by Betty Cakes!

Excellent detail!

Centerpiece for the appetizer tabletop.
Table Centerpieces. Hub caps, vintage oil cans and race flags.

Close up

Close up of the BMW racing tires.

Vendor Credits:
Event décor, set up and design: MG Events.
Party Time Rentals
Jennifer with Marely Mae Designs for the invitations.
Special thanks to Mojo's Grill and Catering!
Thanks to Betty Cakes for the amazing cake!
Selective décor items from Oriental Trading.
Thank you to Blockers Entertainment for the great DJ services - 352-454-2445

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Friday!

I don't know about y'all but I am LOVING this blooming monogram!

How amazing would this be if you used letters for all the upcoming holidays? I have to confess, it's hard not to think about Christmas already! Especially when I go into all the craft stores and see all the Christmas stuff coming in! And, our girls will totally get Christmas this year and I'm already looking forward to Black Friday Shopping to get their gifts! This is totally off topic, but anyways, you can make your very own custom creation with this idea!

"BOO" for Halloween, "THANKFUL" for Thanksgiving and the list is endless for Christmas. Instead of flowers, add some holiday fun. Add some spooky eyes for Halloween or small pumpkins for Thanksgiving. I like sparkles for Christmas! I'm thinking something like this on a mantle would look amazing.

For a complete DIY tutorial, click here.

Leave me a comment to let me know what awesomeness you will be monogramming!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"You'll be my glass of wine... I'll be your shot of whiskey" Jack Daniels Themed Couples Shower!

I love all of my events... but I really, really loved this shower! In spite of the CRAZY wind and not being able to get all of my décor out because of the weather, this was probably one of my favorite parties that I have done to date.

My client called, saying that her and her husband wanted to host a wedding shower for their soon to be married friends. She mentioned a few things like, "they are really laid back, maybe something rustic, they like Jack Daniels..." She had my full attention at Jack Daniels! At that very moment, I knew that whiskey barrels, wheat, Jack bottles, burlap, hay bails, market lighting and a nice bon fire would be just what the "preacher man" ordered.

I am just in love with these square tables. I love how they look, that they can seat 8 people and that they don't take up as much space as long tables.

To save some money, I used plastic linens, since it was a BBQ styled dinner menu. I made custom burlap runners to fit the square tables. A local saloon was so gracious in collecting their Jack Daniels bottles for me! Market lights were strung, hay bails were covered in white lace, accented with twine bows, lanterns, candles, smores, some country music and the smell of BBQ chicken on the grill.

Unfortunately, due to the crazy winds, I wasn't able to use my custom made Jack Daniels lamp for the bar. The bar consisted of two whiskey barrels, just like the ones used for the cupcakes. On the far right hand side of the bar top, was a gigantic basket filled with dried peanuts in their shells. The basket was accented with a lantern and a candle. On the left hand side of the bar, was a special little place for my JD lamp. I will have to take some pictures and post a DIY tutorial of the lamp.

Just love this! Plastic silverware turned super stylish!

Vendor Credits: Cupcake toppers by Marley Mae Designs and
 super yummy carrot cake and red velvet cupcakes by Betty Cakes.

Close up

Rustic chic.

Smores Bar.

Hay bails, lace, fire pit, half whiskey barrels with glass tops and lanterns.

Close up

Close up

I had gorgeous, black 36 in balloons for a backdrop behind the cupcakes. However, the wind was SO bad that I couldn't put the balloons out. It was one of the craziest wind storms that our little town has had in a long time.

Gift Tree for guests to hang the couple's "Lowes" gift cards. The big black balloon is the same as the ones that I was going to use for the cupcakes backdrop.

Thank you, Blake Shelton, for your words!!!

I loved my client's idea about the "gift tree."
Centerpieces by MG Events

Party this way!

Vendor Credits:
* Event planning, styling and set up by MG Events
* Photography by MG Events
* Custom made invitations and cupcake toppers by Marley Mae Designs
* Party Rental Items by Party Time
* Cupcakes by Betty Cakes
* On site catering by Hills BBQ and Catering
* Bar Tending by Hollie Starr
* DJ Servies by Todd Jones

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