Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"You'll be my glass of wine... I'll be your shot of whiskey" Jack Daniels Themed Couples Shower!

I love all of my events... but I really, really loved this shower! In spite of the CRAZY wind and not being able to get all of my décor out because of the weather, this was probably one of my favorite parties that I have done to date.

My client called, saying that her and her husband wanted to host a wedding shower for their soon to be married friends. She mentioned a few things like, "they are really laid back, maybe something rustic, they like Jack Daniels..." She had my full attention at Jack Daniels! At that very moment, I knew that whiskey barrels, wheat, Jack bottles, burlap, hay bails, market lighting and a nice bon fire would be just what the "preacher man" ordered.

I am just in love with these square tables. I love how they look, that they can seat 8 people and that they don't take up as much space as long tables.

To save some money, I used plastic linens, since it was a BBQ styled dinner menu. I made custom burlap runners to fit the square tables. A local saloon was so gracious in collecting their Jack Daniels bottles for me! Market lights were strung, hay bails were covered in white lace, accented with twine bows, lanterns, candles, smores, some country music and the smell of BBQ chicken on the grill.

Unfortunately, due to the crazy winds, I wasn't able to use my custom made Jack Daniels lamp for the bar. The bar consisted of two whiskey barrels, just like the ones used for the cupcakes. On the far right hand side of the bar top, was a gigantic basket filled with dried peanuts in their shells. The basket was accented with a lantern and a candle. On the left hand side of the bar, was a special little place for my JD lamp. I will have to take some pictures and post a DIY tutorial of the lamp.

Just love this! Plastic silverware turned super stylish!

Vendor Credits: Cupcake toppers by Marley Mae Designs and
 super yummy carrot cake and red velvet cupcakes by Betty Cakes.

Close up

Rustic chic.

Smores Bar.

Hay bails, lace, fire pit, half whiskey barrels with glass tops and lanterns.

Close up

Close up

I had gorgeous, black 36 in balloons for a backdrop behind the cupcakes. However, the wind was SO bad that I couldn't put the balloons out. It was one of the craziest wind storms that our little town has had in a long time.

Gift Tree for guests to hang the couple's "Lowes" gift cards. The big black balloon is the same as the ones that I was going to use for the cupcakes backdrop.

Thank you, Blake Shelton, for your words!!!

I loved my client's idea about the "gift tree."
Centerpieces by MG Events

Party this way!

Vendor Credits:
* Event planning, styling and set up by MG Events
* Photography by MG Events
* Custom made invitations and cupcake toppers by Marley Mae Designs
* Party Rental Items by Party Time
* Cupcakes by Betty Cakes
* On site catering by Hills BBQ and Catering
* Bar Tending by Hollie Starr
* DJ Servies by Todd Jones

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zerry ht said...

Pleased to see all these fun shower photos. Each and everything is totally amazing. Thanks for the photos. At one of best New York wedding venues my cousin is going to get married and she will have a DIY ceremony so I am helping her with planning. I would like to suggest some of these ideas for her day.