Thursday, February 28, 2013

MG Events: Party Planning Timeline

There are two kinds of people.... planners and non-planners.

When it comes to parties, the planners have the whole party planned from top to bottom several weeks or month before the event!

The non-planners.... well, that's a different story. So, I've decided to come up with a timeline to help a few of you make your party a success.

Here is a general guideline on a party planning timeline.

Party Guideline

Six to Eight weeks before:
  • Set the date, time and place of the party
  • Decide on a party theme or color scheme
  • Determine your budget and estimate the cost of your party (always add a little "fudge" room in your budget for those unexpected expenses.)
  • Start to brainstorm ideas (set up, centerpieces, layout of the room or location, etc.)
  • Start to purchase non-tangible supplies (always make sure your items are in stock and will arrive on time.)
  • Contact and hire outside party vendors if applicable (face painter, bounce house rental, princess, etc.)
Four to Six weeks before:
  • Chose an invitation
  • Start on party decor (things that require assembly before hand, etc.)
  • Continue to purchase non-tangible party supplies needed
  • Order cake/desserts if applicable
Three weeks before:
  • Mail or deliver invitations
  • Make sure you have all non-tangible items that you need for the party
  • Start on party favors
  • Continue to work on party decor, etc.
Two weeks before:
  • Create a master grocery shopping list for all tangible items needed for the party
  • Prepare any food items/treats that can be frozen
  • Make sure you have enough seating/tables, etc.
One week before:
  • Set up a“mock party”or sketch out your party set up so you can get a visual to make sure that everything you have planned will work out with the space that you have.
  • Follow up with guests who have not sent an RSVP
  • (Some people do not like to follow up with RSVP's. My suggestion is to work on a percentage. Lets say you invited 30 guests, 20% will not be able to make it. Out of the remaining 24 guests that have RSVP'd, about 10% will not make it on the day of the party due to sick children, babysitter not showing up, etc.)
  • Write names of guest on party favors (make sure you have age appropriate favors if you have a wide variety of ages at your party.)
Two days before:
  • Purchase groceries and tangible items on your list
  • Wash cake stands, glassware & serving pieces, etc.
  • Start putting up party decor
Day before:
  • Iron table cloths or linens needed
  • Start setting up actual party
  • Set out cake stands, food trays, etc. in proper places (if your party is outside, wait to do the setup till the day before the party.)
  • Chill drinks
Morning of:
  • Finish setting everything up
  • Prepare your guest bathroom (double check that there is enough toilet paper, hand soap and guest towels.)
  • Set out garbage cans, etc.
Two hours before:
  • Finish all food preparation
One hour before:
  • Put out all food/dessert
  • Sit down and relax/rejuvenate before guests arrive!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


I'm still busy sorting out some of the finer details for my upcoming bridal show on March 24th.

So far I have the cake and the menu down. I have a rough idea of what I would like the place settings to look like, as well as the flowers.

I have a DIY idea for a menu that I think will be a lot of fun at my Southern Peach Bridal Shower Brunch booth. (Look out for instructions in an upcoming blog post)

In the mean time, I thought that these menu ideas were fun and refreshing for Spring events.

* All images come from Pinterest *

                        Pinned Image
This idea could be beautiful at a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Pinned Image
This idea could be adorable at a bridesmaids luncheon picnic or at a children's birthday party.
Pinned Image
This idea would be stunning at an outdoor wedding reception with a rustic feel.


I have a fun project that I've been working on over the last few weeks that is coming to a grand finale next week. I am so excited to share the details with you once I am cleared to do so!

Here is a little hint.... an eclectic mix of sentimental pieces.

I had an idea similar to the one below for the project I've been working on.

I will also be doing a similar idea for a bridal show I am attending in a few weeks (see previous blog post, South Peach Bridal Shower Brunch for my inspiration).

This idea can be so versatile. You can use it as place cards for a small breakfast or a brunch. You can change it up and use lemons, peaches or any fruit that suits your fancy.

What are some ideas that you have in mind when you think of fruit?

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Bit O'Green

We only have three days left in February, which means we have to think about March! There are some fun things coming up this month and things are starting to get a little hectic with so many different projects going on!

Once some of my projects are complete, I will post some sneak peeks until I can share the full details about them.

In the meantime, how about some green popcorn for all those St. Patty's Day celebrations coming up?


4 quarts popped corn
1 1/2 Cups sugar
1/2 Cup light corn syrup
2 Tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar (optional, does make mixture slightly more creamy)
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon baking soda
green food coloring


In heavy saucepan on medium heat melt butter then add sugar, corn syrup, cream of tartar and salt. Increase temperature to medium high and bring mixture to a boil, stirring constantly to dissolve sugar. Once mixture boils, add in food coloring and stop stirring. Boil for 5 minutes (Do not stir). Mixture should be about 250-260 degrees. Remove from heat and carefully stir in vanilla and baking soda. Working quickly and while mixture is foamy, pour mixture over popped corn and gently stir to coat popcorn. Place popcorn into a large roaster or rimmed baking sheet (lined with parchment paper or sprayed with cooking spray) and bake at 200° F for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun Friday: FREE Easter Printables!

Who doesn't love free stuff?! Everyone is a sucker for the word "free".

Well, I have something fun and free for your FUN FRIDAY! Grab the kids for a fun weekend project.

Easter is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to start getting ideas together for your celebration.

I love this gingham style Easter printable party from Twinkle Twinkle Little Party !

I love the blue gingham cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, yellow polka dot Easter banner , and much more!

Party packages start at $75.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Modern Peter Rabbit

Since Easter is coming up in a few weeks, I have been obsessing about all the super cute ideas!

I just fell in love with Peter Rabbit! It's such a classic theme but I love the black and white which gives this party a modern twist. The chunky, white frame makes this party striking, bold, yet timeless and classy. 

This fun idea would be cute for a little baby boy shower or a super cute 1st birthday!

Party Packages start at $75. Book yours today!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MG Events: Valentines Day revisited

I just love how these little Valentines Day treats turned out. 
Nothing says love more than heart-shaped rice krispie treats covered in 
white chocolate and red sugar sprinkles! 

MG Events
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Ooey, Gooey Yummness

Individually wrapped treats with beautiful satin ribbon
Happy Valentines Day! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MG Events: Pony Up!

We recently went to a friend of mines' twins first birthday party. She has boy/girl twins and they are precious!

As you know by now, I love pretty stuff...! I love gift wrapping! More importantly, I love pretty gift wrapping.

This is something cute that I came up with for the twins birthday party (stamp idea inspired by Pinterest). I really favored the boy wrapping so you will get some more pics of that package than the little girls package.

This gift wrapping idea is cost effective, yet personalized. You can also save by shying away from a $4 birthday card by adding a 2x4 or 3x5 calling card.

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Pony Up!
Add a little yarn and a little tulle

Perfect little birthday package


Happy Birthday Elsa and Bennett

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Cakes!

Every bride wants their wedding cake to have a certain "wow" factor. They envision an elegant 5 tiered cake, standing in it's beautiful glory for all the guests to admire.

However, wedding cakes are fairly expensive and you would need to have about 300 to 400 people at your wedding to eat all that cake!

Here are 3 practical solutions:
1) You can still achieve the multiple tired look by having your cake-maker add a couple of faux layers. The faux layers are somewhat cheaper and still achieve the look and style of a beautiful 5 tiered wedding cake. Your cake-maker will be able to cover up the faux layers and decorate it with the same icing and design as the rest of your cake. Be sure to let your cake cutter know about the faux layers before your reception!
2) You can have cupcakes! Cupcakes are small and can easily be stacked on a beautiful stand that achieves the tiered look. You can even have a single, double or triple layered cake at the top of the cupcake stand.
3) If neither option works for you or your budget, make your impression with your cake table itself. Have your table set up underneath a beautiful chandelier. Add lights underneath the table cloth for a warm glow. Have your florist make a special flower arrangement for your cake table.

The possibilities are endless. Every bride can have their dream wedding cake no matter what their budget is.

Wedding packages start at $700. Call for your customized package and price today.
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* All images below come from* 


Flowers instead of a traditional cake topper

Make your wedding unique by serving elegant cupcakes in glasses 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun Friday

I hope that everyone was spoiled on Valentine's Day yesterday!

I surprised my husband by making a fun banner for his office that said "I love you." I hung it over a burlap backdrop that I secured with some pushpins into the wall. It was hanging against the wall that he sees right when he first walks into his office. I also made a super cute little personalized mail box. I glued some brown polka dot paper onto the mail box and continued the triangular banner theme by adding a personalized message on his mailbox. 
His desk is "L-shaped" so I cleared the space closest to the banner and put down a burlap runner with the mailbox and message facing him when he walked in. I found some delicious peanut butter fudge that I put into the mail box.

Let's get back to FUN FRIDAY!

Here is an amazingly, super yummy appetizer that I tried out a few weekends ago! It's one of those where you almost don't want to share the recipe.... but, it's easy, yummy and fun!

Jalapeno Croissant Poppers
Serving Size: 32 little Crescent Poppers.
Pinned Image
Yummy, creamy goodness!

  • 1 package Cream Cheese (8 Ounce Package)
  • 4 ounces, weight Canned, Diced Jalapenos
  • 1 Tablespoon Sugar
  • 8 ounces, weight Tube Refrigerated Crescent Rolls
*** My substitutions:  I used 4 freshly chopped Jalapeno peppers instead of the canned ones. 
*** I didn't add a whole table spoon of sugar. I just did it by taste, but it was less than a whole tablespoon. 
*** I also added some roasted red peppers that I chopped up finely. 

  • Preheat oven 375 degrees F.
  • Cut your cube of cream cheese and throw about 3/4 of it into a bowl. Now take about half of your jalapenos from the can and throw in with your cream cheese. (Or you can use fresh ones) 
  • Add your Tablespoon of sugar to the cream cheese mix.  
  • Take your fork and mash it all up really well. Be sure to incorporate all that sugar in really well.
  • Open up your tube of crescent rolls and place on your cutting board. Separate them into two rectangles. Now pinch together the perforations to create two nice rectangles. *** I like to dip my fingers in some water and lightly "glue" the perforations together. 
  • With the back of your spoon, spread half of the cream cheese mixture onto one of the rectangles. Save the other half of the mixture for the other rectangle. (You will have two rectangles per tube of crescent rolls.
  • Get to spreading.
  • Once you’ve spread your half portion of cream cheese on one of your rectangles, start with the LONG end of the roll, and get to rolling.
  • Once it’s all rolled up, you will need to cut your log into 16 pinwheels. Cut your log right in half. Now you should have two logs. Then cut those two logs in half, and now you should have four logs. 
  • Place your 16 poppers, laying face up, on a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with Pam.
  • Pop these into the oven for about 13 minutes until they are golden brown.
***Note: You could refrigerate these little guys if you wanted to make them ahead of time.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy a fabulous weekend!

Xoxo from Melissa at MG Events! 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

A little more than ink on paper

I love stationary! I love beautiful invitations and handwriting and fonts!

Let's talk about calligraphy and weddings...

In my humble opinion, I think that if you find the right style and the right price, it can add an amazing, elegant touch to your wedding. It adds a beautiful accent to your invitations. It sets the tone for how you want guests to envision your day.

Some calligraphy is very "scrpity" and might not be the right style for your theme. However, if you find a good calligrapher, they should be proficient in more than one style. Depending on where you live, calligraphy pricing for outer envelopes are somewhere between $1.50 to $2.00. Inner envelopes should be about 50c to 75c each.

How about some of these beautiful ideas?

Name card

Wedding Calligraphy Envelopes Custom Handwritten - Place Cards, Escort Cards, Custom Invitations Also Available
Elegant Script

Simplistic Calligraphy

Let me be part of your next event!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rods, fabric and flowers!

The title says it all! Rods, fabric and flowers!
 What more does a girl need for a beautiful outdoor April wedding?

It's every brides dream to make her wedding her own. This is a simple idea that will captivate guests attention throughout the ceremony. Their attention will be drawn to the personalized detail of chic fabric and elegant flowers.

Here are just a few ideas that I came across. (All images are from Pinterest)

Pinned Image 

Pinned Image 

Pinned Image 

I want to make your day spectacular! 
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Southern Peach Bridal Shower

I am slowly starting to get some ideas ready for a bridal show that I'm going to be attending in a few weeks.
I'm working on samples for engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and the BIG DAY!

There are so many beautiful ideas right now that it's hard to pick just a few favorites.

I did come across this bridal shower idea that I've loved for a while now! It's one of those versatile ideas where we can incorporate texture and color!

This is my vision:
Morning bridal shower with stuffed peaches and cream french toast, mimosas in beautiful champagne glasses, burlap table runners over white table clothes. How about gold rimmed chargers with elegant white plates? We can bring in the beautiful peach color with gold vases (DIY) and single stem peach colored roses with some babies breath. We can break up the monotony by adding a pop of greenery by adding a little stem of green Hypericum berries inside the napkin.

Have an event coming up? Need some inspiration? Or need someone to take the reigns and plan it for you?
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Pinned Image
Pinterest Image
Hypericum Berries - Google Image

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lucky, Lucky!

I'm itching to do a wedding with a fun little twist to it. It's easy to keep tradition in weddings, while also making them unique. Changing small things up like name tags for table seating can make a dramatic impact on your special day!
Who doesn't love a fun twist on traditional name tags? Sometimes weddings can become so mundane with the "same old, same old."

Look what I found while playing around with some ideas today! (Here's a thought, it could double as a wedding favor!)

Pinned Image
A little love, a little luck, a little country!

Contact Melissa at MG Events for your next party! Online planning services are available for those of you who live out of the area!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun Friday!

Who is ready for Fun Friday?!

Since Valentines Day is next week (eeek), I think we will stick with a fun Valentines Day theme.

Who doesn't want to have a fabulous little Valentines Day cupcake topper? Look at this super exciting idea I came across! Tulle cupcake toppers!

Just a touch of fabulous!
What a sweet little favor table. Alternating the red and white mailboxes with a little "kiss" and a little "love" makes anyone feel special. I love the subtle look of the tulips in the background.

You've got mail!

 Let's make your next event spectacular! It's the details that make a difference!

MG Events

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MG Events: Something's Fishy; Someone's Fourty!

This Fortieth wasn't your traditional "over the hill" theme! Since we live in a small town that is still somewhat very country-esque, many of my themes have a certain southern flair to them.

The fishing theme was inspired by the birthday boy's hobby.

Peanut Butter Cake with Chocolate Fudge Icing
 What a fun nautical theme. The napkins were folded into triangles and placed into the dessert 
forks for an extra "pop."
 I had a great time with the decor. I rented the nets, shells and fish from a local party store here in Ocala. The green stones and votifs are mine.

 Isn't this drink bar super exciting?! Shells, fish, nets, crabs, starfish.... don't forget some beer and wine!
Such a FUN theme! Green table clothes are mine.

Talk about a statement centerpiece. This lobster trap was the talk of the party.

This theme was inspired by the guest of honor's hobby. I think that I nailed this party and the decor. 
Thanks to Betty Cakes for another amazing cake! 

MG Events

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MG Events: Chinese Lantern Baby Shower

This is an adoption shower that I hosted for a good friend of mine. I met her about 7 years ago while she was on a walk with her oldest son. She was pregnant with her second boy at the time. Little did I know how close we would become over the last several years; nonetheless have GIRLS that are the same age! I remember countless late night talks about her wanting to adopt a little girl. She told me about all the adoption books she was reading and all the blogs she was following. Low and behold. five years later, her dream soon became her husband's, and their dream became their family's dream. Little Kathryn became part of the most wonderful family just before Thanksgiving last year (2012).

The most exciting and special part of this breakfast shower was that we were able to celebrate Kathryn's very first birthday. It just so happened that we were able to have a shower in her honor on her birthday! Although she was still far, far away in China, it will always be a special day to remember.

Thank you to this dear family for allowing me to be such a big part of your special day!

This DIY banner captured everything that I wanted it to. I wanted to incorporate a birthday celebration along with an adoption shower. I also had her mommy bring a picture of her so that we could display her precious little self at her birthday party shower! 
The banner is made from 9 inch white doilies with bright pink card stock that I cut into circles. I added the multicolor polka dots for a fun little pop. The doilies are linked together with pink and green ribbon.

Closeup of the banner
Cake from Betty Cakes, Ocala, FL and the super fun plates and napkins from Polka Dot Market


I love how this caterpillar turned out. I wanted to do something to honor Kathryn's birthplace. It was a "no" for me on Chinese food, or fortune cookies. The Chinese paper lanterns did the trick! I felt like this Chinese caterpillar captured where she is from and also wiggled it's way into a first birthday, breakfast shower!
Burlap and babies breath added some finishing touches to make this DIY project complete.

 Several smaller tables were set up in a different room. The proud grandmother really wanted to incorporate some of her son's silver when he was a child. I thought that this idea was beautiful. We managed to pull off a completely different look with the silver since it was in a different room.

Whether you just need inspiration or need MG Events to take the reigns on your whole project, feel free to contact Melissa for package pricing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MG Events: Mr. Stork, Bringing Two! Twin Girl Baby Shower

This was such a fun shower! Momma is expecting twin girls!

The pink and green stork theme started out when looking for the invitations. The theme continued throughout the shower and was accentuated with the beautiful stork centerpiece on the food table.
We used color and texture to bring life and fun into a classy shower.

From jelly beans to burlap, tomato soup shooters and mozzarella caprese, the pictures below will entertain your visual senses!

Twenty little fingers, twenty little toes.

Closeup of the flower arrangements
This was a December shower. We had to work around the Christmas Decor (Muse Cafe wouldn't let us take it off)

Write a little message for those late night diaper changes (onsie confetti from Etsy)

Twice the Blessings; Twice the fun. Two little miracles instead of one. (Betty Cakes, Ocala, FL)
Fun way to display the cake! Invert a square bowl and add some texture!
The food table. DIY Green burlap runner with a pink border!

Closeup of the stork centerpiece (Fabulous Flowers, Hernando, FL)
Slowly bringing out the food before the guests arrive (Decadence Catering)
Tomato soup shooters with grilled "feet"


Credits and Thanks: 
Location: Muse Cafe, Ocala, FL. (since the shower, it is under new management. Tres Chic the Swanky Victorian). 
Caterer: Decadence Catering by Cindy Dinges 
Cake: Betty Cakes, Ocala, FL
Fabulous Flowers in Hernando, FL. for the beautiful arrangements!
Decor, ideas and DIY Centerpieces by MG Events (onsie confetti from Etsy)

For your next shower, contact Melissa at MG Events: