Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Cakes!

Every bride wants their wedding cake to have a certain "wow" factor. They envision an elegant 5 tiered cake, standing in it's beautiful glory for all the guests to admire.

However, wedding cakes are fairly expensive and you would need to have about 300 to 400 people at your wedding to eat all that cake!

Here are 3 practical solutions:
1) You can still achieve the multiple tired look by having your cake-maker add a couple of faux layers. The faux layers are somewhat cheaper and still achieve the look and style of a beautiful 5 tiered wedding cake. Your cake-maker will be able to cover up the faux layers and decorate it with the same icing and design as the rest of your cake. Be sure to let your cake cutter know about the faux layers before your reception!
2) You can have cupcakes! Cupcakes are small and can easily be stacked on a beautiful stand that achieves the tiered look. You can even have a single, double or triple layered cake at the top of the cupcake stand.
3) If neither option works for you or your budget, make your impression with your cake table itself. Have your table set up underneath a beautiful chandelier. Add lights underneath the table cloth for a warm glow. Have your florist make a special flower arrangement for your cake table.

The possibilities are endless. Every bride can have their dream wedding cake no matter what their budget is.

Wedding packages start at $700. Call for your customized package and price today.
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Flowers instead of a traditional cake topper

Make your wedding unique by serving elegant cupcakes in glasses 

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