Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hand-i-work: Family Times Magazine

Here is another fabulous project that I did for the Family Times Magazine.

Family Times approached me regarding some fun Mother's Day gift ideas that incorporated hand prints and foot prints.

I'm assuming many of my avid readers are also Pinterest followers and many of you have probably seen the great hand print/foot print art ideas on Pinterest.

I was inspired by this adorable ballerina tutu and this super cute tractor.

I wanted to add something extra to the art work to set it apart and to avoid it from becoming mundane.
I'm sure that there are lots of mommies out there who don't want to add another hand print or foot print to the box underneath their bed!

I decided to hit my favorite craft store and hunt down some fabulous accessories for this project.
I came up with the idea of having two frames.... something along the lines of a frame within a frame.

Since burlap is such a commodity these days, I wanted to incorporate it into this project.

My solution was covering a white canvass with burlap to act as the first frame and adding a second frame on top of the burlap with the art work inside it.
Most projects have a budget so I headed down to Goodwill in search of some cheap frames. I bought two frames for less than $3.00. I added some fun paint to match and glued on thick, colorful ribbon for hanging.

For a complete tutorial on creating your frame within a frame, click here.

Thank you again to Rose, Family Times Magazine , the Appleton Museum , and my little artists for all your help!

For more pictures from our photo shoot, click on this link.  

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