Monday, April 1, 2013

High Top Tables Inspiration

I hope that everyone had a blessed and happy Easter this past weekend!

I know that we loved spending some quality time with our twin girls and with our families. The weather was gorgeous and it was a blast to see our 14 month old girls running around, looking for their Easter Eggs.

It's April!
That means that the Cattle Barons' Ball that I'm working on is only 12 days away!
Learn more about the event at Ocala Cattle Barons' Ball 

I'm planning on having some high top tables outside for our guests. It's always nice to be able to put your drink down for a second while talking to fellow guests or grabbing a business card out of your pocket/purse.
High top tables can look very misplaced if their layout isn't positioned correctly with the rest of the decor.

I have some inspiration below on how to place the high top tables at this event.

I love how these tables are grouped in three's. It makes the tables look like an elegant ensemble instead of something that is just taking up space.
This idea will be perfect in front of the two separate bar areas at the event.

I will place them off center from the bar so that people can be close enough to the bar area without interfering with traffic flow.

I will be keeping the white tablecloths but will replace the fuchsia bow with the rustic chic burlap color scheme that we are going for. I will also add a small runner on top of the table to mimic the big, round dinner tables. For a finishing touch, I'll add a miniature arrangement to compliment the rest of the event decor.

Happy Monday ya'll!!!

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