Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Times Magazine: Heirloom Brunch

This was one fabulous photo shoot set up that I did for the Family Times Magazine! The photo shoot went so well that I was honored to have TWO full pages for the shoot!!!

I was approached by the magazine to come up with something fun and unique for Mother's Day. With Pinterest being as popular as it is, it seems like every ideas has been pinned by thousands and thousands of people which makes creativity a little bit more challenging!

The idea came to me when I scouted around in my garage and saw a gorgeous antique dairy bucket. I thought to myself, "antiques", "things that have been passed down for many years"... the ideas kept rolling and rolling and it all came together in an Heirloom Brunch.

The idea behind the Heirloom brunch is for sisters, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, cousins and nieces alike to all come together to celebrate the wonderful women in their lives.
It's a celebration to honor the amazing women in their present lives as well as those that have passed and left behind their beloved china sets, silver candlesticks, engraved serving platters, etc.

Each guest is invited to bring their favorite piece or pieces of something passed down; whether it be a passed down secret family recipe or a gorgeous silver sugar bowl.

Special thanks to:
Rose Derkay and the Family Times Magazine
The Appleton Museum of Art
Stuart Pellicier, my wonderful assistant

Enjoy the article!

For more pictures from the photo shoot, click on this link.
Grab your copy at your local Publix today!

Page 16 in the April/May Issue (2013)
Page 17 in the April/May Issue (2013)

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