Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mother's Day Ideas!

I was a little quiet over the last few weeks since I was out of town with my husband on a business trip to California. I couldn't help but imagine what amazing weddings and events some of those big cities put off!

While we enjoyed some fabulous and much needed R&R, my brain was spinning with ideas on what to do for this upcoming Mother's Day.

I posted a great, free Mother's Day printable set a few weeks ago that you can find here.

I also thought that this Mother's Day Room Service idea was fabulous!

You can create your own Mother's Day room service breakfast tag in a Word document.
Add some of her favorite breakfast items or add something like a breakfast mimosa bar, handpicked blueberries from your local blueberry farm or a egg and sausage breakfast burrito.

Customize it with a different twist by adding gift ideas:
Pedicure at her favorite spa
Lunch at a swanky little bistro
New pair of summer wedges to go with her denim capris 
Or, my personal favorite, a photo shoot with your mom and yourself and your girls (if you have any).
* This is a great little tradition that I started for Mother's Day. It's a great opportunity to get all of my sisters together along with my twin girls, my mom and myself.

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