Thursday, May 16, 2013

Little Gentleman's Sailboat Shower

I've been dying to turn some of 2013's clothing fashion into a shower.
Well I've been given the opportunity to do so with an upcoming baby shower for a little gentleman!

I've been going back and forth with two different themes... vintage cars or seersucker and sailboats (think Polo Ralph Lauren in 3D)!
For the seersucker and sailboat theme, I'm thinking amazing blue seersucker fabric runners atop white tablecloths. I'm having visions of soft greens accenting the blue and white by incorporating it into the cupcake toppers.

What about adding some fun paper flags to some baby blue stripped paper straws?

Inspiration for this event stemmed from spending hours walking up and down the isles of my favorite fabric store.

I started playing around with some invitations and came across something that can be completely customized for this baby shower.

Although this isn't the actual invitation that my client will be using, it will be every similar.

MG Events can work with you have your perfect custom made invitation for your perfectly customizable event.

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