Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MG Events: Flower Finder

The bridal show is on Sunday! How did time escape from me so fast?!
It’s a good thing that I’m a planner (ironic, I know) and have my whole set up figured out already.

Like I have said in previous blog posts, I’m doing a Southern Peach Bridal Shower Brunch.
I’m going to incorporate white, burlap and orange into my theme to make it perfectly Southern!
To add a little classiness to the tablescape, I’m using real white plates placed on top of light bronze chargers. I’m also using real champagne glasses for a morning brunch mimosa.
I’m bringing in a touch of orange by incorporating it into the cake and the flowers.

Speaking of flowers, that’s the last thing left on my to-do list. So many of us don’t know “flower lingo.” We don’t know what a florist means when they look at you and say, “Oh, ranunculus would be beautiful!” Well, dear florist, what is a ranunculus or a wax flower or hypericum berries?
Here is my solution to your endless planning frustration.
It’s a great website where you can search color and season of the flowers you want.

My example search for the bridal show was, “Orange flowers in April.” The site came back with several varieties of tulips, calla lilies, wax flowers, ranunculus, etc!

Hope to see you at the Bridal Show!


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