Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Friday!

It's that time again! Easter is 16 days away! That means that you have just over TWO weeks to get all your Easter idea's together!

I thought this idea would be fabulous for kids to do! They can help with the dipping or decorating or both!

What you need: 
A batch of cupcakes
Frosting: yellow and orange
Yellow sanding sugar (I usually find this at Hobby Lobby. I am sure Michael's would have some too).
Decorating bags
Decorating tips: Wilton #102 (petal) 
Mini chocolate chips

* If you don't have Wilton tips, take a small zip lock bag and fill one with your yellow frosting and the other one with the orange frosting. Cut a small end off of one corner of the bag for the yellow frosting and an even smaller corner off of the orange frosting bag.  

* Spread a heavy layer of yellow frosting over your cupcake. Smooth the top.
* Dunk it! Fill a small bowl with sanding sugar and gently dip the top of your cupcake. Turn cupcake to 
   cover all sides.
* Add two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.
* Using Wilton tip # 102, ruffle some feathers on the side of your cupcake. (Use your zip lock bag)
* Spoon a small amount of your yellow sanding sugar over the wings and gently shake off the excess.
* Next, add a small little beak and some feet with your orange frosting.
* Sprinkle a little sanding sugar and shake off the excess.
*** You can add a tiny dot of white on each chocolate chip to make the eyes appear a little softer.

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