Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun Friday!

We are celebrating one of the last few Friday's before school starts again. Although our girls are not in school yet, my youngest sister will be a senior in high school this year! *sniffles*

What about celebrating with your kids? I am loving this low budget back to school DIY project from Spaceships and Lazar Beams.  Keeping the decor cost low, invite over a few friends and make some apple shaped sandwiches for lunch with a cookie cutter.

What you will need:
* Paper plates
* Green felt
* Hot glue gun
* Really awesome kids with some really awesome friends

* Play around with your apple leaf shapes by trying them out on some paper or card stock first. Trying to figure out the size and shape might take some practice. Once you have something that you like, trace your apple leave stencil on your felt. Using a thin tip marker will show up best.
* Cut out your leaves and double them up with a hot glue gun so that they are nice and stiff.
* Glue your finished product onto your paper plates and viola!

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