Saturday, August 3, 2013

DIY Chalk Board!

I was privileged to do my 3rd consecutive photo shoot for the Family Times Magazine. Click here for images from the photo shoot!

I am even more excited that some of my DIY projects were featured in the photo shoot!

I bought this really scary old man from Goodwill.... for $10.

I bought some white, semi gloss spray paint from a local craft store and used my 40% off coupon for a bigger discount.

At home, I wiped the dust off of the old frame with a damp cloth and also wiped the surface of the frame. I waited for it to dry before I sealed off the entire old man with none other than Press and Seal saran wrap!

I worked in a well ventilated area and began to spray paint the white paint all around the frame. The press and seal protected the surface of the frame so that my chalk board paint would go on smoothly and evenly.

I left the spray paint to dry and repeated several coats until I was happy with the overall look of the frame.

I made sure everything was dry before I took off the Press and Seal.

I followed the directions on the chalk board paint and began to paint over my scary old man! I also added a few extra coats just in case after the first coat was dry.

Hope that you love this cheap, easy and fun DIY project as much as I did!

I just love how this frame was transformed!
You can use your chalk board as a menu display, decor display, message board, decorative grocery list, in your office or wherever your heart so pleases!

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