Monday, November 18, 2013

A little bit of wine...A little bit of sparkle! 50th Birthday!

A dear friend of mine asked me to help her plan an intimate 50th birthday for a close friend of hers. She was looking for something very elegant, as opposed to the typical black and white, over the hill theme.

Working with the budget that she had in mind, I gathered some used wine bottles. (Thank you to Joe with Damage Control Services who went searching for wine bottles for me!)

I bought some gold spray paint at Hobby Lobby, along with the biggest size glitter container I could find. I also bought a clear, gloss sealer to spray over the glitter to keep them from flaking off.

Stay tuned for a complete DIY tutorial on making your own glittered wine bottle vases!

Just a little touch to celebrate the birthday girl's "50th!"

Bringing in something a little rustic to tone down the glitter a little bit.

DIY Wine cork charms for your wine glass... Guests could personalize these with their names. Keep your eyes open for a DIY tutorial.


Four serpentine tables, created into an "S" shape, allowing for 2 formal tables.

White Hydrangea's are gorgeous! They are my favorite flower! However, the slight orange tint takes it away from a more "bridal look" and allows the event to still be elegant without looking too much like a wedding.

DIY Tutorial coming soon!

Two serpentine tables put together to make an "S" shape.

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